2017 Art of the Brain Exhibit at the Grady Alexis Gallery

March 13 – March 30, 2017: Spectral Army was selected for inclusion in the Art of the Brain Exhibit at the El Taller Latino Americano, Grady Alexis Gallery.

This picture was created using MRI images of the human brain. The images were acquired using a T2-TSE sequence on an ultra-high field, 7 Tesla, scanner. The coronal-oblique orientation was prescribed perpendicular to the long axis of the hippocampus. This creates the best view of the curved structure of the hippocampus and enablea radiologists to identify asymmetries in the structure between the right and left hemispheres which may indicate abnormality or disease.

The creature created by flipping a image of a healthy brain upside down – the neck pointing up like a hat, resembles an angry gnome. The hippocampi are the turquoise eyes and the sulci and gyri of the cortex are the form the beard. The structures of the cerebellum curve upwards as exaggerated eyebrows or horns.  The specters surrounding the gnome are anterior slices from the same T2-TSE acquisition, and the red gremlin, sitting on the hat is also a coronal-oblique slice from the same brain.

The colour maps used in the creation of this image were developed in MATLAB, and the image was constructed in GIMP.

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